The Book Corporate Management - The Most Successful Techniques

Corporate Management - The Most Successful Techniques
Quick Overview

Corporate Management by Bogdan Nikolov is an atypical look at the technology of establishing a long-lasting and highly organized business.  The presentation is a very sincere insider's view and combines the author’s characteristic jocular tone with a serious, in-depth discussion of the key issues.  The book also offers an original self-assessment test, where everyone can evaluate, whether they would have a successful future as a manager.

The emphasis is on the themes that every manager should know.  The recommendations are clearly presented throughout even though some of the more delicate points are hinted at.  After finishing the book, the reader undoubtedly asks themselves why these clearly logical themes, which are business-as-usual in successful companies, are not implemented in the majority of organizations.   An example from chapter five highlights this:

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How much must an effective manager know about the law?  The detailed answer is:  As much as a competent mother has to understand about the medical care of her young child.  In a word — lots.  Parents must know the everyday aspects of caring for their children’s health without being experts in special procedures, such as surgery, for instance.  Similarly, a manager must know how to act correctly from a legal point of view in everyday situations, without the need to know in detail, for example, how to initiate a civil proceeding correctly.

The content is divided into the following chapters: (1) Introduction, (2) Sales, (3) Finance and Financial Control, (4) Accounting, (5) Legal Issues, (6) Process Approach, (7) Working with People, (8) Relationships with Suppliers, (9) Theory of Decision Making, (10) Information Technology, (11) Government Influence on Business and (12) The Final Word.  Caricatures are used to underline some of the concepts.

The ideas flow easily and the book can almost be read ‘in one breath’ - 240 pages in about a week.  The ideas that the book presents continue to inspire the reader for a long time after.

     Cover:  hard
 Pages: 240
Dimensions: 176 / 242 / 22 mm
Weight: 560 g
ISBN: 9789549236590

The greatest interest in the book should come from ambitious people - students, present and future medium or high level managers and also from employees who wish to gain a better insight into the mind of their boss.


Once you have read the book we would welcome any comments or suggestions by email - if something was missed, a topic was not handled to the standards you would have expected or just some facts which would contradict the case we have been seeking to make on a particular point.  If, in our opinion, your comments lead directly to the further success of the book we will reward your effort.

Where You Can Find the Book

You can buy the fifth edition of the book from 2016 in printed form in English from this website (delivery is usually within 7-10 days for the United States and Europe and about two weeks for elsewhere) or from some bookstores, like for instance:  Please note that for deliveries outside the European Union your purchase may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the jurisdiction to which you have your order shipped.  These charges are the recipient's responsibility as we have no control — and in most cases even no knowledge — of them.

The — substantially shorter — second edition from 2009 is available as a free download in Spanish and Russian:

descarga el libro  Descarga gratuitamente el texto completo de la segunda edición del libro "Administración de la empresa" en español.       загрузит книгу  Скачать бесплатно полный текст книги "Управление предприятием" (второе издание, автор: Богдан Николов) по-русски.
In order to download for free the full text of the second edition of the book in Spanish, please click the link above. In order to download for free the full text of the second edition of the book in Russian, please click the link above.

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