About us

Our efforts are directed towards offering our clients services which help them develop their business in a more efficient and effective manner, mainly through outsourcing activities.   In particular these are:

  • Management of a car fleet – where you would require one on a day-to-day basis, our service allows you to increase your fleet whenever you need to.  We offer powerful and fast cars, in a single colour with no advertisements.  Should the need arise a back-up car will be sent directly to you from Sofia.  This service, which ensures your journey remains on schedule, is part of our basic package.
  • Office Rental - The choice is usually between the comfort but relatively high prices of an office building and a more reasonable price for a downtown office.   If you prefer the latter in perfect condition with a clearly stated, long term contract, then this is where we can help.
  • Expert advice in the areas where we have years of experience.    For more information, please follow the link.

The manager of our company Mrs. Nikolova has a legal degree and focuses in the areas of commercial and corporate law, property / real estate law and also labour law.  For you it means that anything you get from us has been examined by a lawyer.

We offer services to our clients including necessary documents in English, German and Russian at no additional price, whatsoever.

Our work is discreet and we respect your privacy.   This corporate policy guarantees that you never receive advertising from us, by electronic, regular mail, or by telephone.