Advisory Services

Our advisory service is intended for foreign investors who are running projects in Bulgaria.  Typical examples are:

  • In the purchase of Real Estate, your lawyer will no doubt give you comprehensive advice.  However, through our experience we are able to direct your attention to the most significant points in your (long) list where you should concentrate most of your energy.  For instance, where there may be confusion over the title to the property, we imagine you would like to evaluate, as accurately as possible, what your chances would be compared with those of other potential owners.
  • ManagerA second check whether the legal foundation you stay on is stable enough.  The manager of our company Mrs. Nikolova has a legal degree and focuses in the areas of commercial and corporate law, property / real estate law and also labour law.  For you it means that anything you get from us has been examined by a lawyer.
  • Finding information and credit ratings of potential business partners.  We also offer insights into the way the country operates and the cross cultural differences you are likely to encounter.

Let us help you to get most from the benefits that Bulgaria can offer, while minimizing the risk of surprises.


  • 根据投资者的投资需求提供投资目标入选清单和决选清单
  • 潜在投资目标的详细资料
  • 安排与潜在投资目标的会议