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For GPS navigation, please wait a couple of seconds while the map loads.  After that:
  • Use the map by "dragging" it with the mouse in the direction you wish.
  • Double click the mouse to magnify the view.

Note:  Service is available after log in.

Certainly it is true that, as Arthur C. Clarke put it in "Profiles of The Future", any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.   However, please always remember that this holds true only for the ones who are not acquainted with all details.

Example: Imagine you knew everything about computers except the existence of the Internet.  In such a case, even you would know more that 90% of the technology, you would consider impossible (or magic) more than half of the things we are doing today with the missing 10%.  In many cases, being unaware of 1% of a technology would make one consider magic the most important things it makes possible.

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