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Our offices are either owned by us or rented on a long-term basis which means your contract is with us and not with a third party.   As a result, you will not need to pay a Real Estate commission.

All our offices are located in the center of Sofia City, within easy walking distance of most ministries and state organisations.

You can see some examples of our luxury offices on this page.  In addition, we offer simpler offices as well as a combination of both.  All are located close to each other.

The longer the term of the contract, the more we are willing to customise the refurbishment to your individual tastes.

General Conditions (Extract)
  • Minimum contract duration is three months.
  • Additional telecommunication and/or IT hardware can be provided if requested, depending on specifications.
  • A deposit of two month rents is paid at the start of the lease and returned on termination of the contract.


索非亚(Sofia), 保加利亚 首都